IBMi Public Cloud Computing Can Help Improve Your Datacenter

For IBMi public cloud solutions, businesses across the country turn to Abacus Solutions. We are an IBM managed services provider, a title that speaks to our knowledge and expertise with IBM systems, both modern and legacy. We help businesses of all sizes improve their computing power and reliability with many types of cloud computing services and we would be happy to do the same for your business.

Abacus Solutions offers the following services for clients that use our IBMi public cloud:

  • Disaster recovery as a service with recovery times as short as 12 hours and recovery points of the last data replication
  • High availability as a service, through which we role-swap you into a target environment in the event of downtime
  • Cloud hosting that gives you access to the power of our robust datacenter and optional redundant hosting in a geographically separate location
  • Platform as a service, which can take the burden of managing your environment off the shoulders of your IT employees

If you are not sure which service is right for your business, we can help. Our engineers can perform and extensive analysis of your current datacenter and determine which services would be most useful to your business. You will also have a project manager to oversee your transition to the cloud, ensuring that everything goes smoothly.

If you would like to subsidize the cost of our cloud computing services, you can trade in the IT hardware you no longer need. We offer several options for decommission, including consignment, outright trading, and recycling to EPA standards.

To learn more about our IBMi public cloud computing services and how your business can benefit from them, contact Abacus Solutions and speak with one of our IBM experts today.