IBMi Storage in the Cloud Provided by Abacus Solutions

When you need additional IBMi storage, turn to Abacus Solutions. We are home to two separate cloud datacenters, both built by our own team of cloud engineers with best-in-class technology. We were founded on IBM infrastructure ourselves, and we employ IBM-certified specialists, so we offer an intricate understanding of IBM hardware and software.

Thanks to our robust cloud infrastructure and specialization in IBM, turning to the Abacus Cloud for IBMi storage can prove beneficial for various reasons. For example, this service will enable you to:

  • Reduce or eliminate the costs involved with storage hardware and maintenance
  • Turn to a best-practice storage infrastructure that is managed by professionals
  • Focus more on developmental tasks that are essential to your business
  • Have peace of mind that your data is secure and properly backed up
  • Scale as your needs for storage grow
  • And more

Of course, when you choose Abacus Solutions for IBMi storage in the cloud, you will have access to our wonderful team of cloud experts. We will be happy to help you assess your datacenter and devise storage that meets your needs and budget. We offer solutions that range from IaaS to high-availability business continuity, so whether you simply need more space to store your files or need your data to be recoverable after a disaster, rest assured that Abacus Solutions can help. 

For more information about the IBMi storage options that we offer at Abacus Solutions, contact us today. Don’t forget to ask about our inventory of refurbished IT equipment, which contains products from many of the industry’s leading vendors for discounted prices.