How IBMi DRaaS can Help Your Business be Prepared for Anything

If your business runs on IBMi, DRaaS can help reduce the downtime your datacenter may experience as a result of software updates, backups, hardware failure, and even natural disasters. When it comes to preserving your data, you can never be too prepared.

In today’s fast-paced marketplace, consumers expect consistent services, making IBMi DRaaS a necessity for almost any business. Downtime can be costly as it can lead to lost revenue or a drop in your customer base. This can cut into your profit margin and have potentially devastating effects on your business. However, downtime can easily be avoided with disaster recovery services. By helping to restore your production environment in a relatively short amount of time (from 48 hours to as little as one hour depending on the service) you can save time and money, and keep your customers and stockholders happy.

For reliable IBMi DRaaS options, the company to turn to is Abacus Solutions. Having started in 2000 as an AS/400 broker, we have extensive experience with all types of IBM systems and can recommend options that will perfectly suit the needs of your business. Plus, you will have a project manager to act as your company liaison and answer any questions you may have along the way. Your project manager will also assist you throughout your transition to the cloud by overseeing VPN setup and data migration services, if necessary.

For more information on the IBMi DRaaS packages we offer, contact Abacus Solutions today.