IBMi High Availability Services Are Essential for Businesses of All Sizes and Scopes

If you are trying to determine if your business needs IBMi high availability services, consider the following: customers expect consistent service in today’s marketplace, and excessive downtime can have a drastically negative effect on customer retention. This, in turn, can reduce revenue for your business. To avoid problems caused by lengthy backup windows or catastrophic hardware failures, businesses rely on high availability services, which are more robust versions of disaster recovery that work to minimize downtime to as little as one hour or less.

You might be curious as to how IBMi high availability services are able to achieve such a short RTO. It’s because high availability involves:

  • Creation of a target environment to mimic your actual production environment
  • Role-swapping into that target environment in the face of downtime, which occurs in less than one hour
  • Operation of business as usual within the target environment until the original production environment is back up and running
  • Role-swapping back into the original production environment without skipping a beat

If you would like to utilize high availability services to minimize downtime for your business, turn to the experts at Abacus Solutions. We can audit your current datacenter and tailor a high availability solution to the specific needs of your business. We also offer other cloud services, such as hosting, archiving, and OS management, to help you reduce costs and streamline your IT department.

To learn more about our IBMi High Availability services or any of the other cloud services we offer, contact Abacus Solutions today and speak with one of our knowledgeable product specialists.