Supplementing Your IBM Power Systems Datacenter with Hybrid Cloud Computing Services

For companies using IBM Power Systems, hybrid cloud solutions can significantly improve scalability, flexibility, and reliability in their datacenters. Setting up a hybrid cloud involves connecting your onsite infrastructure to additional computing resources hosted remotely in the cloud. These added resources can be increased or decreased easily according to need and budgeting, and they allow room for various non-critical processes to be performed while the more crucial workloads are handled on local hardware. Plus, the right hybrid cloud services will allow you the opportunity to perform much-needed backups to offsite storage, where they’ll be safe in the event of a total system failure or other disaster event.

Supplementing your datacenter with a hybrid cloud setup can allow you the flexibility and freedom to handle a variety of issues that many companies find themselves struggling with. If you have an aging workforce or have recently lost a critical resource, adding cloud resources can help you quickly recover your company’s operations. Depending on the cloud package you have set up, you can also perform operating system upgrade tests, improve your business continuity practices, eliminate backup windows, and more.

One of the best providers of cloud services that can help you supplement your company’s IT infrastructure is Abacus Solutions. We offer a range of cloud hosting packages to suit both temporary and long-term needs. We provide our services out of two powerful datacenters, which our cloud engineers carefully developed with redundant components to ensure maximum reliability in handling public cloud hosting for companies of all kinds. Plus, when you choose us to set up your hybrid cloud, you can trust our team of experts to handle the entire process from start to finish, including VPN setup, so that your IT staff can focus on their usual development tasks.

For additional details about how we can set up an IBM Power Systems hybrid cloud for your datacenter, contact Abacus Solutions today.