IBM Power Systems Data Replication Provided by Abacus Solutions

For IBM Power Systems data replication, turn to the experts at Abacus Solutions. As an IBM managed service provider, we have a ton of experience with and knowledge about IBM systems, and we’re a recognized leader in IBM cloud services. Our HAaaS (High Availability as a Service) plan, for example, is a robust business continuity solution that entails the installation of high availability software onto your production environment. Once the software is installed, it will perform a recovery point of transaction per transaction replication. This replication technology enables us to offer an RTO of less than one hour and an RPO of the last completed transaction.

At Abacus Solutions, we have a team of dedicated IBM-certified engineers who are ready to help you devise the right continuity solution for your business. Think of us as your full-service IT partner. Other benefits of partnering with Abacus Solutions include:

  • Secure and reliable datacenter hosting
  • Software- or SAN-based (Hot) recovery
  • Abacus-provided role swap in case of downtime
  • Assistance with VPN and data migration
  • Up to 24/7/365 infrastructure support
  • Scalable resources and flexible plans

In addition to data replication and high availability, Abacus Solutions offers several other cloud services, including disaster recovery, backup, infrastructure as a service, and platform as a service. All of our cloud plans are designed to help businesses shift to operational IT expenses and reduce the need for infrastructure acquisition and system maintenance.

Abacus Solutions also offers tons of refurbished IT equipment from many of the industry’s leading vendors, including IBM, Cisco, HP, Sun/Oracle, and NetApp. We refurbish all of our equipment in house so we can keep prices low while ensuring like-new performance.

To learn more about IBM Power Systems data replication or any of the other services provided by Abacus Solutions, contact us today.