IBM Power Systems Platform as a Service Packages to Suit Businesses Large & Small

For businesses that run on IBM Power Systems, platform as a service can be a necessity. High-demand production environments often put a great deal of work on IT staff. However when they are inundated with tedious OS management tasks, it can be difficult to perform the work necessary to keep the production environment running at full capacity. To solve this issue, businesses need only to turn to Abacus Solutions. We provide a variety of cloud services, including OS management, to help businesses achieve their maximum potential by reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

At Abacus Solutions, we know that every business is unique, making it an impossibility to provide cookie cutter solutions to the masses. Instead, we take the time to work closely with our clients and assess their individual needs. That way, we can recommend a product or service that addresses those needs directly. When you partner with us, you will also appreciate that we:

  • Provide critical network support during normal business hours, or round-the-clock if necessary
  • Employ a staff of highly trained, IBM-certified network engineers who built and continually maintain our datacenters, to allow for lightning-fast computing power and maximum uptime
  • Perform daily offsite backups that can be linked to an optional disaster recovery service, to help your business maintain the utmost continuity
  • Assign you with a project manager to act as your singular point of contact with the company, so you are always in the loop
  • Offer turnkey implementation services that include VPN setup and data migration, to ensure a smooth transition to the cloud

To learn more about our IBM Power Systems platform as a service package, contact the trusted professionals at Abacus Solutions today. When you do, be sure to ask about our equipment buyback program that can help you save on our services.