IBM SAN Storage and Accessories from Abacus Solutions

IBM SAN storage products are designed to integrate effortlessly into your data center to add secure, quickly accessible storage capacity for your IT environment. At Abacus Solutions, we have a wide selection of IBM products in our used and refurbished storage inventory, including disk drives, controllers, drive sleds, and more. We employ a thorough quality control process in our Technical Center to ensure that our used storage products are in perfect working order, so you can enjoy hardware performance on par with that of new products at a fraction of OEM prices.

At Abacus Solutions, we carry IBM storage products and accessories for storage area networks from the following lines:

  • EXP2500 and EXP3000 external disk units
  • DS3000, DS4000, DS5000, and DS8000 disk storage systemsIBM
  • nSeries disk storage systems

These IBM SAN storage units comprise a range of solutions we offer for reliability, speed, lower operation cost, and more in your storage system. Whether you’re looking to install a storage area network from the ground up, expand an existing network, or find the crucial replacement parts to keep your IT environment running smoothly, Abacus Solutions has the answer to your networking needs at an affordable price. We also offer warranties of 90 days to 1 year on our entire selection of used IBM SAN storage products.

If you’re interested in finding out more about our SAN storage offerings and other networking products, or if you have excess IT equipment you’d like us to purchase from you, contact Abacus Solutions today.