Refurbished IBM Server Solutions for Businesses in Atlanta, Memphis, Raleigh, Birmingham and Other Cities Nation Wide

Choosing refurbished IBM server systems when you’re looking to expand your IT resources can significantly reduce the cost of your project, but you’ll want to find a reliable supplier who can deliver products that will withstand the demands of your datacenter. Here at Abacus Solutions, businesses can find a broad range of outstanding used IBM server products that our technicians have restored to like-new condition at our in-house Technology Center. We carefully test every item before offering it for sale and provide a 30-day warranty, so you can rest assured you’ll only receive products that can deliver the resources you need for your infrastructure.

A few of the various refurbished IBM server solutions available in our selection include:

  • xSeries
    • Rack Mount servers
    • BladeCenter servers
    • Enterprise servers
  • iSeries
    • 8XX servers
    • Power5 servers
    • Power6 servers
    • Power5+ servers
  • pSeries
    • Power7 servers
    • Power5 servers
    • Power6 servers
  • And more

We also offer a broad range of system components for our used IBM BladeCenter, Power6 and other server models, including power supplies, processors, memory kits, and disks, which can help you extend the life of your current server systems for even less. In fact, we offer new, used and refurbished products from more than 30 different vendors. This broad selection allows us to architect customized solutions to our customers’ problems, with a focus on providing the greatest value at the lowest costs. We’ll also aid in deploying your new resources and in liquidating any products you no longer need to subsidize the expense of your project.

To learn more about our selection of refurbished IBM server systems and the other IT equipment we offer to businesses in Atlanta, Orlando, Charlotte, Knoxville and other cities nationwide, contact us today.