IBM System X Used Servers and Accessories from Abacus Solutions Boost Data Management Performance for Less

IBM System X, a powerful name in IT server technology, boasts servers with top-of-the-line speed and performance for data centers and cloud computing. At Abacus Solutions, we offer used and refurbished, fully configured System X servers so that you can save money on the servers you’re looking for without giving up any of the performance capabilities you need.

An IBM System X server will provide your data center with:

  • Speed – Twice as fast as competitive x86 servers, with 6TB maximum memory capacity, support for up to 25.6TB of flash storage with IBM eXFlash DIMMS, and latency of less than 5 microseconds to eliminate frustratingly slow processing speeds.
  • Adaptability – Modular design allows for upgrades to memory and processor parts without the need to “rip and replace,” drastically reducing the costs of upgrading.
  • Durability – Self-healing processor identifies and reacts to potential failures, keeping the system running at full capacity for as long as possible with no maintenance.
  • Ease of management – IBM Upward Integration Modules keep hardware visible to the hypervisor for greatest manageability of virtual machines and the system as a whole.

  • And more...

If you already have an IBM System X setup, we also carry storage, drives, processors, and more that can help you keep your servers up and running. Furthermore, when you purchase refurbished IBM System X products from Abacus Solutions, you can rest assured that not only are you saving money, you’re getting used server hardware in like-new condition. That’s because all of the used equipment we sell is rigorously tested at our Technical Center before being professionally packaged. In fact, we stand by our quality control process for all of our used servers, accessories, and other products with a minimum 30-day warranty. Also, because we want to ensure that you are set up with the best hardware to suit your needs at the lowest prices possible, we work hard to stay vendor-neutral and keep products and accessories in stock from a wide selection of vendors to meet the demands of any IT environment.

If you are interested in IBM System X servers or other hardware for your IT infrastructure, contact Abacus Solutions today for a free quote.