Used IBM BladeCenter Servers Businesses Nationwide from Abacus Solutions

Used IBM BladeCenter systems from Abacus Solutions allow businesses to scale their server infrastructure to keep up with growing demand for resources for a fraction of the cost of new equipment. We offer a broad range of the used IBM xSeries servers as well as chassis and related parts. All of the used products that we offer have been extensively tested by our technicians and expertly refurbished when required to ensure that these IBM server products will provide reliable up-time and performance once deployed in our customers’ datacenters.

Some of the many different used IBM BladeCenter products we offer include:

  • H chassis enclosure
  • HS21 servers
  • HS22 servers
  • HS23 servers
  • HS40 servers
  • HX4 servers
  • HX5 servers
  • LS42 servers
  • JS21 servers
  • And more

These products are available at discounts of up to 95 percent off their original price, making it easier for businesses to afford the resources they need. Abacus stands behind the used and refurbished IBM servers that we sell with a 30-day warranty, so you can rest assured your investment will be safe. Our professional team is happy to audit your current infrastructure to determine the optimal BladeCenter servers to meet your specific needs and also aid in deploying your solution into your architecture. We’re also an experienced IT liquidator, and can help you convert unneeded, legacy IT resources from many different vendors into cash, which can subsidize your purchase.

To find out more about the used IBM BladeCenter products we offer, contact us today. Our company proudly serves businesses in Birmingham, Knoxville, Augusta, Columbia and many other cities nationwide.