For Businesses that Use iSeries, High Availability is Often a Necessity Due to Increased Demand

In the fast-paced digital marketplace we live in, iSeries high availability services are becoming increasingly necessary in many different lines of business. Consumers have come to expect uninterrupted service, and downtime can be very costly, affect customer retention, and put a significant dent in a company’s net profits. Fortunately, high availability services can eliminate problems caused by extended downtime, helping companies provide consistent service to their customers round the clock.

iSeries high availability services are quite different from normal disaster recovery services. For starters, High Availability as a Service (HAaaS) offers recovery times as short as one hour or less, compared to the common 12-48 hour time frames seen by standard disaster recovery services. This is due to a process known as role-swapping. This process involves a target environment that is created to serve as a stand-in production environment during planned or unplanned downtime, allowing businesses to continue serving customers without skipping a beat.

When it comes to high availability, no company offers more robust service and support than Abacus Solutions. Founded in 2000 as an AS/400 brokerage, our IBM experience extends to both legacy and current systems, giving us the capability to serve businesses of all sizes and scopes across a variety of platforms. In addition to high availability, we offer a plethora of other cloud-based services like hosting, archiving, and OS management, all of which include critical network support, VPN setup, and data migration assistance.

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