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iSeries Backup Services Provided for Businesses Nationwide

If the backup data for the iSeries datacenter at your company is still being stored onsite, or if you need to improve your backup policies to meet industry-best practices, turn to Abacus Solutions for secure cloud storage options. Cloud-based offsite storage is increasingly necessary, and we have a robust infrastructure with redundant components for reliably storing your backup data offsite. That way in case of a disaster situation, such as a fire, flood, or a system failure, your important backup files will be safe and your company’s iSeries datacenter can get back on its feet again as soon as possible.

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Our iSeries Backup Options

In addition to our powerful iSeries backup as a service (BaaS) package, we also offer a range of business continuity packages designed to improve your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO), with different options to choose from depending on your IT needs and budget:

If you’re interested in our cloud-based iSeries backup package, feel free to also ask about our cloud hosting options. We offer several IaaS and PaaS solutions for businesses looking for quick and reliable scalability and the ability to eliminate spending for the procurement and upkeep of onsite hardware.

For more information on our iSeries backup and other business continuity services, contact Abacus Solutions today.