iSeries Business Continuity Solutions for Companies Nationwide

IBM iSeries offers powerful business continuity capabilities, and at Abacus Solutions, we’ve developed a robust and flexible infrastructure based on IBM i with guaranteed resources for your datacenter. This allows us to provide high availability as a service (HAaaS) and disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solutions to suit your workload and budget while working to improve your recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery period objectives (RPO). And, with our expert technical staff on hand to help with planning and testing, we can help ensure that your IT department will be ready for virtually any disaster situation.

Our iSeries Business Continuity Options

We offer the following highly effective iSeries Business Continuity services:

  • HAaaS (< 1-Hour RTO)
    • RPO of last transaction
    • 3-year term
    • Role swap from on-site “Production” environment to cloud-based “Target” environment after disaster events
  • DRaaS (< 12-Hour RTO)
    • RPO of last data replication
    • 3-year term
    • Cloud recovery via a disk-to-disk restore after disaster events
  • DRaaS (< 24-Hour RTO)
    • RPO of last saved tape
    • Monthly term
    • Tape restore and recovery provided by Abacus Solutions after disaster events
  • DRaaS (< 48-Hour RTO)
    • RPO of last saved tape
    • Monthly term
    • Tape restore and recovery provided by customer after disaster events

In addition to our robust business continuity services, we also offer a variety of IaaS and PaaS cloud hosting solutions. With two powerful datacenters and cloud engineers fully prepared to help you make a seamless transition to the cloud, we can provide your company with the best turnkey cloud services in the country.

If you’re interested in learning more about our iSeries business continuity services and more, contact us today.