Shift to the iSeries Cloud & Focus on the Tasks that Matter Most to Your Business

Why move to the iSeries cloud? There are plenty of reasons. Cloud-based hardware is easier to scale, allowing businesses to “buy for today” and acquire more infrastructure as needed. Cloud hardware is also managed by the host, which completely removes burdens of infrastructure acquisition, installation, and maintenance from a company. And infrastructure is just the tip of the iceberg; depending on the host, iSeries cloud services can cover ground such as OS management, backups, and disaster recovery.

There are many other benefits that moving to the cloud can provide. For example, cloud services allow a business to:

  • Shift to an operating expense
  • Accommodate a short-term testing or development need
  • Eliminate backup windows
  • Enhance or replace business continuity
  • Shift to business-critical workloads
  • Protect your data with business continuity
  • Eliminate tape-based backups
  • Shift a legacy environment to archive
  • Streamline hardware operations management
  • Upgrade aging and obsolete equipment

Abacus Solutions is an IBM Managed Services Provider with certified IBM engineers on staff. We are well versed in all IBM hardware as well as the IBM i platform, which is why businesses seeking iSeries cloud services turn to us for the solution. With two best-in-class datacenters developed and maintained by our own team of engineers, we offer many tiers of cloud services ranging from core infrastructure as a service plans to disaster recovery in less than an hour.

For more information about our iSeries cloud options, contact Abacus Solutions today. When you do, don’t forget to ask us about our IT Asset Disposition Program, whereby we’ll gladly accept your unused or outdated equipment in exchange for a subsidy on your transition to the cloud.