Customized iSeries Cloud Solutions Provided by Abacus Solutions

The Abacus team offers several iSeries cloud solutions to help businesses with growing IT requirements. Any complex data system requires a significant amount of research and development to properly implement, and that is in addition to all the time required to maintain and upgrade the system. That’s where the Abacus team can help. We can take on some of the legwork required to plan, implement, and maintain your datacenter, which can allow your IT team to focus more on the business critical applications that matter most to your business.

As a premier provider of IBM managed services, Abacus Solutions has a strong background in IBM hardware and software systems. The iSeries cloud services that we provide include:

  • Hosting
  • Platform management
  • Cloud backup
  • Business continuity

Abacus Solutions can provide you with a datacenter audit to assess your IT-related requirements and help you devise a cloud solution that directly addresses the needs of your business. Our cloud infrastructure was developed and is maintained by our own team of IBM-certified engineers, and it is structured to provide the utmost in reliability, scalability, and security. In other words, with Abacus Solutions as your IT partner, you can feel confident that your cloud solution will be implemented with the most cutting-edge technology.

IT asset disposition is another service offered by Abacus Solutions. Through this program, you will have the option to trade in old equipment in exchange for a subsidy on your cloud services, consign it, or recycle it. We can also take care of all data destruction via DoD-standard multi-pass overwriting.

Contact Abacus Solutions today for more information about the iSeries cloud solutions that we offer.