iSeries Disaster Recovery Services Provided by Abacus Solutions

If you need an iSeries disaster recovery solution, consider working with the IBM experts at Abacus Solutions. Born and raised on AS/400 machines, Abacus has since grown into a specialist, offering expertise in the full line of IBM hardware and software, right up to the new Power Systems and IBM i. Our friendly and knowledgeable IBM-certified technicians will be happy to assess the recovery needs of your business and provide you with the right solution, ensuring that your data remains secure in the event a disaster strikes.

Benefits of iSeries Disaster Recovery Solutions

At Abacus Solutions, we’ve worked with businesses of many different sizes and scopes. We understand that continuity needs vary with each, which is why we will provide a customized solution for all of our customers. Custom aspects aside, some of the various benefits of our iSeries disaster recovery service include:

  • A local appliance for RPO backups
  • Replicated backups from your local appliance to the Abacus Cloud
  • Abacus-provided cloud recovery
  • RTO in as little as 12 hours

In addition to disaster recovery, Abacus Solutions offers cloud hosting services on a variety of different scales. We have two physically separated, leading-edge cloud datacenters, built by our very own cloud engineers. Our team of cloud experts is also standing by to assist you in figuring out what your ideal slice of the cloud might be. Whether you’re just looking to supplement your current infrastructure with cloud-based hardware or would like to migrate to the cloud entirely, Abacus Solutions is here to guide you through a seamless transition.

For more information about our iSeries disaster recovery service or any of our cloud hosting packages, contact us today.