iSeries HAaaS Offered to Businesses Nationwide by Abacus Solutions

Looking to integrate HAaaS (high availability as a service) into your iSeries system? If so, you have come to the right place. Abacus Solutions is an IBM hardware and software specialist that has served the national community since 2000. We have IBM-certified experts on staff who are well versed in IBM hardware from AS/400 to the Power Systems line, plus the IBM i OS. So, if you have an iSeries system and wish to maximize its uptime, choose high availability as a service from Abacus Solutions.

Benefits of the iSeries HAaaS

By transferring backups that would normally be completed in your production environment to a target environment created by the Abacus Team, our iSeries HAaaS program can not only maximize the availability of your system, but also ensure that your data is being regularly backed up and remains secure in the event of a disaster. Other benefits include:

  • Abacus-managed HAaaS implementation
  • Custom RPO, up to last transaction
  • RTO in less than an hour, with managed role swapping
  • SAN-based data recovery
  • And more

When you choose Abacus Solutions for iSeries HAaaS, you can have confidence that your data will remain protected. We are an established IT company with many years of experience in the industry. We not only provide high availability and disaster recovery services, but also a host of cloud solutions for businesses of all scopes and sizes.

For more information about the iSeries HAaaS solutions that we can provide, or any of our customized cloud services, contact us today. Our team is standing by to help you find the best IT solution to meet your needs.