iSeries High Availability Solutions Created by the Abacus Team

When you need an iSeries system that provides high availably, there’s no better place to turn than Abacus Solutions. From AS/400 to new Power Systems and IBM i, Abacus Solutions has an intricate understanding of all hardware and software made by IBM. We also have friendly and knowledgeable IBM-certified experts on staff who will be happy to assess the needs of your business to provide a high availability solution that works for you.

Benefits of Our iSeries High Availability Services

The iSeries high availability packages offered by Abacus Solutions maximize uptime by transferring backups from your production environment to a new target environment created by our team. This enables 24/7/365 operations without RPO backups disrupting your workflow, while ensuring that critical data is recoverable. Some of the other benefits of our high availability solutions include:

  • Last transaction RPO
  • Less than one hour RTO
  • SAN-based (hot) data recovery
  • Managed role swapping in the event of disaster

At Abacus Solutions, IBM is our specialty, and we argue that we do it better than anybody else. In addition to our high availability service, we create IBM-centered cloud solutions for many different types of businesses. We have two physically separated, best-in-class datacenters built by our own cloud engineers. Whether you need supplemental, cloud-based hardware or are looking to make a full-bore cloud migration, Abacus Solutions is here to help you accomplish a successful transition.

For more information about the iSeries high availability and other cloud solutions that we can provide, contact us today. We are proud to work with businesses in various industries across the United States.