iSeries High Availability Services Will Protect Your Data & Help Your Business Stay Productive

The iSeries high availability services offered by Abacus Solutions are designed to protect data and enable businesses to stay productive even through a complete datacenter failure. Our high availability solution is a complete turnkey service that entails the installation of best-of-purpose software onto your premise hardware that will create a new recovery point per transaction replication and store it in the Abacus i Cloud. In the event that your datacenter goes down, Abacus Solutions will role swap you to a target environment in our cloud so your business can continue serving your customers.

Additional features of our high availability service include:

  • Recovery time objective of less than one hour
  • Recovery point objective of the last completed transaction
  • Software-based or SAN-based recovery

As a full-service IBM managed service provider, Abacus Solutions offers a handful of other cloud services to businesses that utilize the IBM i platform. We have a range of continuity options with varying recovery times and recovery point objectives so we can meet the needs of many different types of businesses. We also offer infrastructure as a service and platform management to help organizations save on infrastructure acquisition and maintenance costs.

At Abacus Solutions, we have a full team of cloud experts who are here to help you decide which of our cloud services best meets the needs of your business. We can audit your datacenter and provide a customized solution specifically for your business. Additionally, we offer IT asset disposition. Through this service, we can buy, consign, or recycle old equipment. We can also wipe your any leftover data via DoD-recommended multi-pass overwriting.

To learn more about the iSeries high availability services that we offer, contact Abacus Solutions today.