iSeries High Availability – Keep Your Business Running With Abacus Solutions

iSeries high availability is a business continuity service provided by Abacus Solutions. Our most robust continuity option, the high availability package is a turnkey solution that guarantees a start-recovery time of less than one hour and a recovery point objective of the most recent transaction. Our high availability option is designed to give any business the most protection with the least downtime, enabling it to keep moving if and when disaster strikes.

When you choose the Abacus high availability package, we will:

  • Install and implement IBM i high availability software on your production hardware
  • Perform a recovery point of transaction, per- transaction replication, to a target environment in the Abacus Cloud
  • Monitor and manage data replication to make sure that it is in sync
  • Role swap your business to the Abacus-provided target environment in the event of a disaster, which will enable you to resume business as usual in a small window of time
  • Role swap your business back to your production environment once it has been rehabilitated

An invaluable advantage of our iSeries high availability package is that we transfer backups from your production environment to your Abacus-managed target environment. This delegation of workload can open up your production environment for 24/7/365 operations and simultaneously ensure up-to-date backups for the protection of your data.

In addition to business continuity, we offer other cloud-based services, including options in IaaS and PaaS. As a full-service cloud hosting provider, we will be happy to help you determine what your ideal cloud transition will look like and will make sure your IT solution is scalable, reliable, and secure.

To learn more about the iSeries high availability package offered by Abacus Solutions, or any of our other cloud services, contact us today and one of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to assist you. We proudly work with organizations of all sizes throughout the country.