Move to the Cloud for iSeries Hosting & Focus on Business-Critical Workloads

Moving to the cloud for iSeries hosting removes the burden of infrastructure acquisition, installation, and maintenance from your company. This can give your IT department much more time to focus on the tasks that matter most to your business. Having cloud-based infrastructure also makes it possible to acquire computational resources as they are needed, rather than dishing out large sums of cash for hardware that may only be fully utilized six months down the line.

Depending on the host and the service you choose, moving to the cloud for iSeries hosting could benefit your business in many other ways. For example, migrating to the iSeries cloud could allow you to:

  • Upgrade aging and obsolete equipment
  • Shift to business-critical workloads
  • Eliminate backup windows
  • Enhance or replace business continuity
  • Streamline hardware operations management
  • Shift a legacy environment to archive
  • Accommodate a short-term testing or development need

However beneficial, iSeries equipment running the IBM i platform is a unique hardware and software combination that requires partnership with an experienced and dedicated cloud provider. That’s why, for iSeries hosting, businesses choose Abacus Solutions. An IBM Managed Services Provider with two physically separated, cutting-edge datacenters, we are known for providing reliable hosting services to IBM i users. In addition to hosting, we offer other cloud services such as backup and disaster recovery.

Contact Abacus Solutions today to learn more about the iSeries hosting options that we have available. When you do, don’t forget to ask about our OS upgrade tests and performance assessments.