iSeries Hybrid Cloud Options Made Available to Businesses Nationwide

An IBM iSeries Hybrid Cloud set up by Abacus Solutions is a highly flexible and scalable computing option that’s perfect for boosting the performance of your company’s datacenter and ensuring that all of your IT environment’s needs are met. We have two robust cloud infrastructures created by our IBM-certified engineers and technicians in two separate datacenters. On top of this, we offer a vast inventory of used and refurbished IT equipment, including IBM servers, switches, parts, and more, so we can help you with all the hardware you need to keep your private cloud in peak performance.

The advantages of having us transition your IT environment to an iSeries hybrid cloud include:

  • Cloud hosting options that include Infrastructure as a Service for scalability and Platform as a Service for OS management to free up your IT department
  • Secure daily backups to our offsite storage
  • Critical operations, network, and infrastructure support from our cloud computing expert

Additionally, as an approved IT reseller, we can help you subsidize the cost of your cloud migration or new equipment through our unique buyback program. We are also vendor-neutral, which means that we not only carry IBM products, but also hardware from other top manufacturers like Sun, Dell, and HP, providing us the freedom to find the best hardware solutions for your datacenter, regardless of the manufacturer. All of our expertly refurbished preowned equipment is rigorously tested for top performance, allowing us to sell like-new products at up to 90 percent off of OEM prices. We even stand by our refurbishment process with a minimum 30-day warranty on all of the IT equipment we sell.

To learn more about our flexible iSeries Hybrid Cloud options, contact Abacus Solutions today.