iSeries Managed Cloud Services Provided by Abacus Solutions

Abacus Solutions offers iSeries managed cloud services for businesses in any industry. Whether your datacenter needs better continuity, streamlined workflow, or improved speed and reliability, we can tailor a package to suit your needs. Our cloud services are effective for any size business, from local operations to Fortune 500 companies.

When you team with us, we can perform an audit of your datacenter to help you choose the best services for your IT requirements. Once a plan is established, we’ll provide turnkey implementation and ongoing support for your business-critical operations. Our iSeries cloud services include:

  • Cloud hosting – Supported by our powerful datacenters, your operations can be securely moved to the Abacus i Cloud.
  • OS management – If your technicians are overloaded, we can take the helm of your operations so that they are free to work on other more critical matters.
  • Business continuity – To ensure your production is able to operate through virtually any situation, we provide disaster recovery and high availability solutions.

In addition to our managed cloud services, Abacus is also a preowned hardware broker. If you’re in need of additional servers or other gear for your datacenter, we can provide preowned options in like-new condition at price points that will fit your budget. Our preowned gear comes from top tech brands, such as IBM, Cisco, HPE, and others. We also purchase used equipment, which can help offset some of the cost of our cloud services if you have unused hardware taking up space in your datacenter.

For more information about our iSeries managed cloud services, contact Abacus Solutions today.