Cloud-Based iSeries Management Provided by Abacus Solutions

The iSeries management services provided by Abacus Solutions can help streamline the workflow of your IT department. As your business grows and its computing system becomes increasingly complex, more and more of your developers’ time will be spent on tedious platform administrative tasks. Abacus Solutions can partner up with you to take on these iSeries management duties, allowing your developers to focus on the business-critical tasks that matter most.

In addition to platform management, Abacus Solutions offers several other cloud services, such as hosting, backup, and business continuity. These services can be customized and blended together to create the right cloud solution for your business. The Abacus team can even audit your datacenter to help you assess your cloud-related needs.

Other iSeries management services offered by Abacus include:

  • Infrastructure support up to 24/7/365
  • Virtual and dedicated computing and storage options
  • Daily backups to secure storage
  • Easy access to scalable resources as your business grows
  • Hosting in a secure and reliable datacenter
  • Operations management provided by Abacus Solutions
  • Shared network management responsibilities

Those thinking about migrating over to cloud services with Abacus Solutions might also be interested in learning about IT asset disposition, which enables our customers to trade in, consign, or recycle old IT equipment in an environmentally responsible manner. The Abacus team can also take care of the destruction of data on your hardware in compliance with DoD-standard multi-pass overwriting.

For more information about the iSeries management services provided by Abacus Solutions, contact us today.