Abacus Leverages QTS’ Service Delivery Platform

The innovative, software-based platform allows for remote management of Abacus data center environments


The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly created obstacles for how businesses perform day-to-day operations. Limited physical interaction and travel restrictions coupled with an increased need for networking and remote solutions has forced Abacus to strategize how its team can continue to provide the exceptional level of service its AS/400 cloud and managed services customers have come to expect.

Enter QTS’ Service Delivery Platform (SDP), the industry’s first software-defined, colocation orchestration platform engineered to remotely manage and optimize hybrid and hyperscale colocation deployments in real-time. In 2020, QTS made 1,487 enhancements and feature releases to SDP, with an additional 200+ enhancements to its Open Source API. Leveraging SDP applications such as Switchboard, Power Analytics, Asset Manager and Online Ordering, Abacus benefits from greater control over its IT environments and costs, increased security, ease of compliance and reduced risk.

SDP’s capabilities are perfectly aligned with our response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The ability to remotely monitor and manage our infrastructure through a real-time, software-defined interface is truly differentiating in the data center industry. – Thomas Harris, Chief Operating Officer

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