Refurbished Integrity Servers Available Through Abacus Solutions

When you’re looking for refurbished Integrity servers, consider those offered by Abacus Solutions. We have an abundance of used IT equipment from many of the industry’s leading manufacturers, including HP, IBM, Dell, Sun/Oracle, and Cisco. One of the advantages of choosing Abacus Solutions for preowned hardware lies in our refurbishment process. The Integrity servers that we offer, as well as our other hardware, are all refurbished right here in our Technical Center by our own product specialists. To support our refurbishing process, we offer a minimum 30-day warranty on all of our reconditioned products.

At Abacus Solutions, we carry a wide assortment of refurbished Integrity servers and components, including:

  • Rackmount
    • rx1600 SC
    • rx2620 DC
    • rx8640 base system
  • Superdome
    • 2, 32s
    • 2, 16s
    • 2, 8s
  • IO
    • PCI 2-Channel Ultra 320 SCSI Adapter
    • PCI C 1-Channel 2GB s Fibre Channel
    • PCI Windows and Linux 2-Channel Ultra 160 SCSI
  • Memory
    • 8GB DDR memory quad
    • 16 GB chip spare PC2100 DDR SDRAM memory quad

In addition to our expansive inventory of refurbished IT equipment, Abacus Solutions has developed a leading-edge cloud hosting architecture. We provide both hybrid and public cloud services, and we employ knowledgeable and experienced cloud engineers who will be happy to help you develop the right cloud solution for your business. Many businesses, small and large alike, find our cloud solutions exceptionally effective because we offer more reliability, security, and support than other cloud providers. Our infrastructure is designed to be highly scalable as well, which allows you to easily accommodate spikes in demand without owning excess hardware.

To learn more about the refurbished Integrity servers that we have in stock, or for more information about our cloud services, contact Abacus today. We proudly serve businesses throughout the USA.