Refurbished Servers from Leading Vendors Available Nationwide

Abacus Solutions is proud to offer a wide selection of refurbished servers suitable for a range of IT environments. In our Technical Center, our team of engineers and technicians carefully test and inspect a broad selection of liquidated servers and components. We expertly refurbish any items that fail to meet our high standards for performance, and only offer items that have a proven ability to stand up to the demands of a datacenter environment. Each one of our products comes protected by a 30-day warranty, and since we handle all work in-house we can provide discounts of as much as 90 percent off of OEM prices.

We offer options to suit a wide range of needs with refurbished servers available from many leading vendors, including:

  • IBM
    • pSeries
    • iSeries
    • xSeries
  • HP
    • Proliant
    • Integrity
    • HP9000
  • Cisco
    • UCS
  • Dell
    • PowerEdge
  • Sun
    • Netra
    • SPARC
    • Constellation
  • And more

In addition to complete refurbished servers, our inventory holds a wide range of spare parts such as memory kits, processors, and I/O cards, so you can also easily find the maintenance supplies you need to extend the life of your current infrastructure. If maintenance and scaling are costing your business too much, we can also offer a variety of cloud based services. Our team will be happy to provision a slice of our infrastructure for either an IBM i or Windows environment that delivers the infrastructure or platform you need for a simple monthly cost.

To learn more about our refurbished servers or our IT services, or any of our cloud services, contact us today.