UCS Servers and Accessories Refurbished by Abacus Solutions for Your IT Infrastructure

UCS servers and other components make up the Cisco Unified Computing System, a data center platform designed to make managing storage clouds, networking, and virtualization simple and seamless. At Abacus Solutions, we carry used servers and accessories from the UCS line, all expertly refurbished so you can take advantage of their superior management systems at lower than OEM prices. Whether you’re looking to set up a complete system from scratch with a full set of UCS servers and equipment or just need replacement parts for your existing IT environment, we have an extensive selection to provide you with everything you’ll need for your project.

UCS servers from Abacus will provide your IT environment with:

  • Management facilitation – UCS is designed to treat all components as a single system through the Cisco UCS Manager, a robust management system with an easily operated graphical user interface (GUI), a sleek command line interface (CLI), and a powerful application programming interface (API), allowing for more productivity and efficiency in operating your datacenter.
  • Networking consolidation – UCS supports a unified fabric for networking, with an Ethernet foundation that allows for local area networks (LANs), storage area networks (SANs), and other computing networks to be consolidated into a single, easily managed networking system. This reduces the amount of switches, cables, cooling, and adapters needed to run your UCS servers.
  • Energy efficiency – Because UCS requires less cabling, power, and cooling than older systems, as well as having fewer overall components, this system will help your data center save energy without sacrificing productivity.
  • Low cost – In addition to profiting from the lower cost of energy usage inherent with USC systems, you’ll also benefit from the savings of buying used. Our refurbished UCS servers and parts can be purchased for a fraction of the cost of buying brand-new systems.

Additionally, when you purchase Cisco UCS servers and other products from Abacus Solutions, you can rest easy knowing that we support our refurbishing process with our minimum 30-day warranty. We even have a team of Cisco experts who can help you figure out exactly what your IT infrastructure needs. And because we want to provide the most powerful and cost-effective system to suit your IT architecture, we remain vendor-neutral, carrying a variety of products from different vendors to suit any situation. If you’re interested in UCS servers or other products for your IT environment, contact Abacus Solutions today for more information.