Acquiring Refurbished Sun Servers for Your Company’s IT Infrastructure

Buying refurbished equipment helps you find Sun servers and other legacy hardware in perfect working condition, as if you’d purchased it brand new, so that you can supplement the existing Sun equipment in your datacenter. Legacy hardware is also considerably more affordable than current lines of servers, so you may find it helpful to build a new infrastructure from reconditioned Sun hardware to reduce your overall IT spend. Whatever the case may be, there are many benefits to buying preowned equipment, but it pays to be thorough in your search for the right company to buy from.

When looking for refurbished Sun servers, as with any legacy equipment, you’ll first want to make sure that the reconditioning process the products undergo is performed by well-trained technicians, and that everything is tested to make sure it works properly. On top of that, it’s helpful to see what kind of warranty may be available, since not everyone guarantees the quality of their refurbished hardware. Whether you’re only looking for Sun servers, or you need supplementary parts as well, you may want to see whether your supplier has an incentive to push one brand over others; if they do, you could have a difficult time jumping through hoops to get the equipment you actually need.

If you want a source you can trust for top-quality refurbished Sun servers and more, turn to Abacus Solutions. We have a huge selection of preowned IT equipment that our hardware experts have painstakingly reconditioned in our own Technology Center, and we put our hardware through rigorous testing before it’s sold to ensure peak performance. We even back all of our products with a minimum 30-day warranty for your peace of mind. As a vendor-neutral company, we offer products from all of the top manufacturers, including Sun, IBM, and HP, so we can help you find the best solution to suit your IT needs and budget, regardless of the brand.

For more information and to see our inventory of refurbished Sun servers, contact Abacus Solutions today.