Sun SPARC Servers Available Through Abacus Solutions

Are you looking for a Sun SPARC server to add to your infrastructure but wish to reduce your capital expense as much as possible? Turn to Abacus Solutions. We’re an approved IT reseller located just outside Atlanta, Georgia, and we own and maintain a massive selection of refurbished Sun equipment.

All refurbished hardware in our inventory is available for prices significantly lower than the OEM’s - including some of these Sun SPARC servers:

  • M5000
  • Fire V215
  • Fire V240
  • Fire V245
  • X4100 M2
  • T3-1

Here at Abacus Solutions, we are committed to providing a diverse range of IT products for reduced prices, and we’re equally as devoted to providing equipment that is reliable. That’s why every piece of used Sun hardware that comes through our doors is subject to a thorough refurbishing process, led by our team of Sun-certified engineers. We’re also proud to support our refurbishing process with our leading 30-day warranty.

Abacus Solutions understands that investing in computer hardware, whether it’s a Sun SPARC server or another piece of equipment, can be a bit stressful in light of the ever-changing and fast-paced world of technology. That’s why we offer a buyback program. When it comes time to make a change to your infrastructure, simply trade in the equipment you’ve outgrown to subsidize the cost of your upgrade.

At Abacus Solutions, we get IT. Contact us today to learn more about the Sun SPARC servers that we have in stock. We also offer IaaS, PaaS, and email archiving cloud solutions for businesses looking for more scalable infrastructures.