For Sun 2530 M2 Arrays, Turn to Abacus Solutions

If you need Sun 2530 M2 arrays for your datacenter, don’t overspend by purchasing them brand new. Instead, choose Abacus Solutions as your hardware broker and save money by buying them preowned. Our highly skilled and experienced team of technicians runs every piece of equipment that comes into our Technology Center through a series of performance tests to ensure that the hardware functions perfectly. Their work is backed by a minimum 30-day warranty, so you know you can confidently place your investment with us.

Sun 2530 M2 arrays combine FC and SAS2 technologies to deliver powerful performance that can easily handle your most strenuous data applications. It is easily scalable and can be upgraded from previous Sun 2500 systems, making it ideal for companies in need of entry-level hardware for their datacenters. However, these arrays are just some of the equipment that Abacus provides at preowned prices. We are a vendor-neutral hardware broker and regularly have available gear from:

  • IBM
    • iSeries
    • pSeries
  • HPE
    • ProLiant
    • ProCurve
    • Integrity
  • Cisco
    • Routers
    • Switches
    • Security appliances
  • And more

In addition to saving money on our low prices, you can subsidize your purchase by selling any unused equipment from your datacenter to Abacus. We pay competitive prices for your used gear, which we can then apply to your purchase.

To learn about how Sun 2530 M2 arrays can benefit your business, contact Abacus Solutions today. When you do, be sure to ask about our various cloud services and how they can support and protect your data and production.