Save on Your Datacenter Upgrade with a Sun Storage 7310 from Abacus Solutions

For high performance at an attractive price, the Sun Storage 7310 server is an ideal option. This model is a scalable system with the ability to adjust I/O throughput, processor performance, and total storage capacity to meet your application needs. If your organization has huge storage requirements that keep expanding, this Sun server will be able to handle that job for years to come. It also comes equipped with Solaris ZFS software, which seamlessly optimizes access to multiple types of media. Additionally, the Sun 7310 features an energy-efficient design that reduces power consumption by utilizing both SSD and HDD.

If you would like to take advantage of these attractive features, consider purchasing a refurbished Sun 7310 server from Abacus Solutions. We recondition all of our equipment in house and conduct rigorous performance tests to ensure reliability. This process ensures that we can keep prices low for products that perform like new. We also offer a minimum 30-day warranty on all of our refurbished equipment, which includes products from brands such as:

  • HP – PA-RISC servers, Integrity rackmount servers, and Integrity blade servers
  • NetApp – Filers, disk shelves, and accessories
  • Sun/Oracle – SPARC servers, x86 servers, and Exalogic/Exadata systems
  • IBM – iSeries, xSeries, pSeries, and storage products
  • Cisco – Switches, routers, UCS equipment, and security appliances

Every piece of IT hardware that comes through our doors is professionally refurbished and rigorously tested by the specialists in our Technology Center to ensure optimal performance. Abacus also recognizes that your IT budget might be limited, so you can subsidize the purchase of a preowned Sun 7210 server by taking advantage of our equipment buyback program. We pay competitive prices for any unused or outdated equipment you no longer need.

Beyond our inventory of preowned IT equipment, we provide a range of cloud-based services, including disaster recovery, high availability, and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), to relieve your IT team of some of its workload.

If you want more information about the Sun 7310 server or any of the other refurbished products we offer, contact Abacus Solutions today. We proudly provide infrastructure upgrade solutions for businesses of all sizes.