A Sun Storage 7410 Server Offers Exceptional Performance at an Affordable Price from Abacus Solutions

The Sun Storage 7410 server delivers superior performance for organizations of all types, but especially for those with demanding storage requirements. Available in a single or cluster configuration, this high-end server offers 576 TB of raw capacity for radical scalability. It allows you to confidently increase storage capacity, computational power, or read/write cache to suit your business needs. The high performance and versatility won’t mean increased energy spending, however, because this configuration features an innovative Hybrid Storage Pool architecture that reduces energy consumption. The Sun 7410 also supports a two-node cluster configuration, which has no single point of failure, to help you achieve maximum protection against downtime.

With a Sun 7410 from Abacus Solutions, you can acquire high performance without straining your IT budget. That’s because we offer preowned IT hardware at prices as much as 90 percent lower than OEM pricing. We keep prices low and maintain quality by refurbishing our preowned equipment in house at our Technology Center. Our Sun 7410 units, and all of our other products, are rigorously tested after reconditioning to ensure that they perform as well as if they’d just arrived from the factory. In addition to Sun servers, our inventory includes products from a variety of trusted lines, including:

  • NetApp FAS filers, DS disk shelves
  • Exalogic network appliances and Exadata database machines
  • Cisco Catalyst and Nexus switches, ASR and ISR routers, UCS servers, and ASA security appliances
  • IBM pSeries, iSeries, and xSeries servers, as well as tape, disk, and SAN storage equipment

We back all our reconditioned equipment with a minimum 30-day warranty. If you don’t know what brand or model would be best for your computing requirements, we can perform a datacenter audit to help you determine your best options.

Beyond our inventory of preowned IT equipment, we provide a range of cloud-based services, including disaster recovery, high availability, and infrastructure as a service (IaaS), to relieve your IT team of some of its workload.

For more information about our Sun 7410 servers and other products, contact Abacus Solutions today.