Get a Sun Exadata Machine for Your Datacenter and Stay in Budget

The Sun Exadata machine is the go-to choice for datacenters that run Oracle Database. Its modern, high-performance design makes it the most cost-effective Oracle Database platform. It runs Online Transaction Processing, Data Warehousing, In-Memory Analytics, and other workloads. As such, this system can seamlessly power and protect all your business-critical data. If this premier appliance sounds like what your datacenter needs, turn to the IT specialists at Abacus Solutions.

We are a preowned hardware broker serving businesses of just about every industry since our inception in 2000. Our team of highly qualified and experienced technicians uses its skills to fully refurbish every Sun Exadata system that comes through the doors of our Technology Center. To back up their work, we will include a minimum 30-day warranty.

Each rack in a Sun Exadata system includes up to:

  • 836 CPU cores and 28.5 TB of memory per rack
  • 360 CPU cores per rack for SQL processing
  • 19 database servers per rack
  • 18 storage servers per rack
  • 460 TB of flash capacity
  • 1.7 PB of disk capacity

In addition to Sun hardware, Abacus also provides preowned equipment from the following lead tech brands: IBM, Cisco, NetApp, HPE, and others. The gear that we provide isn’t limited to just servers and appliances. In fact, we keep accessories, switches, routers, filers, disk shelves, and much more in stock to help you build out your datacenter.

If you’d like to learn more about procuring a Sun Exadata appliance for your business, contact Abacus Solutions today. When you do, be sure to ask about how you can subsidize your purchase by selling us your unused equipment.