Sun Exalogic – A Leader Among Computer Appliances

The Sun Exalogic system is a favorite among datacenters that need an appliance designed for powerful cloud computing and elastic computing capabilities. The assembly contains 42 rack units decked out with servers and network hardware. Each of the servers in the Sun Exalogic system contains two 2.93 GHz Intel Xeon processors, two solid-state drives and swap space, a 40 TB storage network, and a set of Ethernet switches.

The Sun Exalogic assembly is available with a full rack of 30 server nodes, a half rack of 15 server nodes, a quarter rack of eight server nodes, and an eighth rack of four nodes. Each node has 96 GB of RAM, four 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, and a double InfiniBand port. Both Oracle Linux and Solaris 11 run on this system for the utmost in computing power.

If this sounds like the right appliance for your datacenter, be advised that you have the opportunity to save money by purchasing a refurbished model from a preowned hardware broker. Since these machines can be pricey brand new, finding preowned models in perfect working condition can certainly keep your budget in check. When searching for a preowned Sun Exalogic system, be sure to choose a vendor with a qualified team to perform the updates. The vendor should also be able to include a warranty to guarantee their work and to protect your investment.

For preowned Sun Exalogic appliances in pristine working condition, turn to the IT specialists at Abacus Solutions. Our highly skilled technicians have many years of experience refurbishing hardware to like-new condition and we back their work with a minimum 30-day warranty. We’ve helped many businesses in just about every industry expand their datacenters since our inception in 2000. For more information, contact Abacus Solutions today.