Find Refurbished Sun Servers in Abacus Solutions’ Expansive Inventory

Are you looking for Sun servers to increase your business’s computing power, but would like to avoid the increasingly high costs of brand-new hardware? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Abacus Solutions has an extensive used server selection, and each piece has been expertly restored to like-new condition by our Sun-certified team of engineers and technicians. We are also proud to offer a minimum 30-day warranty on all refurbished equipment.

The different models of Sun servers that we currently have in stock include:

  • X64
  • X86
  • Entry-level
  • Midrange
  • High-end
  • Netra
  • Enterprise

At Abacus Solutions, our goal is to provide a wealth of IT equipment for affordable prices. That’s why our inventory extends well beyond just Sun servers. In fact, we stock all kinds of IT equipment, from servers to chassis, made by many of the industry’s most recognized manufacturers, including Cisco, IBM, Dell and HP. This makes Abacus Solutions the one stop shop for all of your business’s IT infrastructure needs.

In addition to our expansive collection of used hardware, Abacus Solutions also offers various cloud solutions for businesses that are looking to avoid the costs of hardware acquisition altogether. With two physically separated cloud infrastructures and a dedicated team of cloud engineers, Abacus Solutions will be happy to help you develop a cloud solution that meets your business’s growing demands.

For more information about the Sun servers that we have in stock or to learn more about our various cloud solutions, contact us today.