Refurbished Sun SPARC T5220 Servers Available for Companies of All Sizes

The Sun SPARC T5220 is a server that’s prized for its scalability, flexibility, and energy efficiency, and you can find it – and other Oracle/Sun hardware – at Abacus Solutions for as much as 90 percent off the OEM’s price. We proudly host a multimillion-dollar inventory of preowned IT equipment that our highly trained technicians have restored to like-new working condition in our Technology Center. To ensure that each piece of hardware performs like new, we carefully test our products before sale, and we stand by our refurbishment process with a minimum 30-day warranty on all of our equipment.

Of course, our inventory includes much more than just the Sun T5220 and other Oracle/Sun servers. As a vendor-neutral company, we carry expertly reconditioned hardware from all of the industry’s most respected lines of equipment, such as:

  • IBM Storage, pSeries, and xSeries
  • Cisco Catalyst, Nexus, and UCS
  • HP ProCurve, 9000, PA-RISC, and Integrity
  • NetApp FAS and DS
  • And more

While adding additional Sun T5220 servers is a great way to scale up your datacenter, we also offer cloud hosting and backup services that you can use to supplement your existing infrastructure. We proudly host IaaS and PaaS cloud options out of our powerful datacenters, which were crafted and are continually maintained by our own trusted cloud engineers.

For more information about our selection of Sun SPARC T5220 servers and other hardware, or to ask about our cloud hosting services, contact Abacus Solutions today.