Sun T5440 Servers Restored to Top Working Condition for Use by Companies of All Sizes

The Sun SPARC Enterprise T5440 server is popular for its reliability, scalability, and compact footprint. If you need additional Sun servers for replacing parts in or scaling up your company’s datacenter, turn to Abacus Solutions. We offer a wide variety of preowned IT hardware at a fraction of the cost of buying new – often at prices as much as 90 percent off the OEM’s. You can trust that you’re not sacrificing quality for low costs, too, since all of our equipment is masterfully refurbished in our Technology Center by highly trained experts, then carefully tested to ensure like-new performance.

At Abacus Solutions, we are proud to be a vendor-neutral company, which means we can offer you the most appropriate hardware solution for your datacenter’s needs and your company’s budget without focusing on one specific manufacturer. In addition to the Sun T5440 and other Oracle/Sun hardware, our inventory also includes products from the following brands:

  • HP
  • IBM
  • Cisco
  • NetApp
  • And others

We proudly stand by our refurbishing process with a minimum 30-day warranty on all of the products we sell. And, if you have any equipment that you no longer use and are interested in subsidizing the cost of your Sun SPARC T5440 or anything else you purchase from us, feel free to ask about our buyback program.

To learn more about the Sun T5440 and other IT equipment that we offer, contact Abacus Solutions today.