Get the Versatile Sun X4-2L for Your Datacenter and Stay in Budget

If you’re tasked with building out your datacenter, you can find Sun X4-2L servers and other equipment from the IT experts at Abacus Solutions. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians that refurbish every piece of hardware that comes through the doors of our Technology Center to ensure that it is in perfect working condition. To back their work and to protect your investment, Abacus will include a minimum 30-day warranty on your purchase.

The Sun X4-2L is a 2U enterprise-class server that is designed to deliver outstanding performance and to seamlessly handle all your business-critical applications. It can meet current and future requirements with a memory capacity of up to 512 GB and has a 50 percent increase in processor cores and threads from previous generations. Additionally, the Sun X4-2L server has:

  • One or two Intel Xeon E5-2600 v2 processors
  • 16 DIMM slots
  • Front and rear hot-swappable bays
  • Four auto-sensing Ethernet ports
  • Six USB 2.0 ports
  • And more

In addition to taking advantage of a low preowned price, you can further stay in budget when purchasing Sun X4-2L servers by selling Abacus any of your equipment that you no longer have a use for. We’ll pay competitive prices for your gear and you’ll be able to save money while creating space in your datacenter.

For more information about the Sun X4-2L server or to speak with a representative about selling your unused equipment, contact Abacus Solutions today. We’ve been helping businesses in just about every industry build out their datacenters since our inception in 2000.