System i Cloud Service Provider Offers Solutions in IaaS, PaaS, Backup & Business Continuity

Abacus Solutions is a System i cloud service provider that offers several cloud solutions, such as infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), backup, and business continuity. As an IBM i Managed Services Provider, our company is knowledgeable about and experienced with all of IBM’s hardware and software products. This positions us to help businesses that are already using IBM hardware and software transition to the cloud in a safe and efficient manner.

The cloud services offered by Abacus Solutions could likely benefit your business if:

  • You have an aging workforce or lost a critical resource
  • You need flexible, easily scalable infrastructure
  • You want to eliminate backup windows
  • You want to protect your data
  • You would like to delegate aspects of hardware or platform operations and management
  • You need to move a legacy environment to archive
  • You have a short-term testing or development need
  • You would like to perform an OS upgrade test

As data systems become more and more complex, cloud computing has become a necessity for many modern businesses. Shifting to the cloud can reduce – if not totally eliminate – the time spent and costs accrued on infrastructure acquisition and management. PaaS, backup, and data recovery services go one step further, allowing IT teams to delegate these vital processes so they can spend more time working on business-critical tasks.

Abacus Solutions can also help you choose the right cloud service for your datacenter. We will be happy to provide you with a datacenter audit, so we can determine the best possible solution for your unique situation.

Contact Abacus Solutions today for more information about why we are the System i cloud service provider of choice among businesses throughout the nation. When you do, ask about our IT Asset Disposition service, which enables our customers to trade in old hardware in exchange for a subsidy on their cloud migration.