IBM System i Cloud Solutions Can Help You Get the Most out of Your IT Environment

If your datacenter uses IBM System i, then cloud hosting can help you maximize the potential of your IT department and free up your staff for application development. With cloud hosting, you can add to your existing infrastructure or completely transfer your computing environment from your onsite hardware to the cloud, both of which help you save money by shifting part or all of your IT costs to an operating expense. Having a cloud-based IT infrastructure also significantly increases the scalability of your computer resources. Rather than having to purchase and maintain extra hardware that may take years to use to its full potential, you can simply have your hosting provider increase or even decrease the resources allocated for your company’s use.

There are many situations in which utilizing System i cloud hosting for your IT environment can be helpful or even necessary. For instance, the quick scalability of cloud computing can help you add temporary resources for seasonal workloads, short-term development and testing, and even supporting your datacenter while you wait for the delivery of a hardware upgrade or replacement. Also, cloud hosting allows you the security of having remote storage for business continuity and backups in the event of a disaster affecting your entire onsite infrastructure.

When you’re ready to start taking advantage of System i cloud services for your IBM-based datacenter, Abacus Solutions can help. We offer some of the most robust cloud hosting solutions in the industry, including infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), and various business continuity packages to suit the various needs of different companies. Our expert cloud engineers have developed two powerful datacenters with redundant components for reliability and firewall protection for security, and they constantly maintain them to ensure that they continue working at peak performance.

f you’d like to learn more about the IBM System i cloud options that we offer for companies throughout the U.S., contact Abacus Solutions today.