System i Cloud Backup Can Rescue Your IT Environment from Disastrous Situations

Setting up System i cloud backup services for your IBM i datacenter is an increasingly important step in ensuring best practices for your IT department. Not backing up your data can lead to a total loss of critical information in the event that something happens to your hardware; and locally stored backups can easily end up being affected by the same disastrous incident, especially if it is a natural disaster, such as a fire or hurricane. Cloud-based backup services allow your data to be secured offsite where it is safe from localized incidents, and they have the added benefits of helping you eliminate costly and cumbersome tape storage and shift to an operating expense.

There are three common levels of cloud backup that you can take advantage of for your datacenter. The basic type is backup as a service (BaaS), which involves backing up what you need to into cloud storage, often through regular replication of disk-to-disk backups. For more advanced cloud backup, you could look into disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS), where your system is regularly saved to cloud storage and, in the event of a disaster, restored within a certain time frame, or recovery time objective (RTO), back to the last saved state, or recovery point objective (RPO). And, if you’re looking to maximize your uptime for increased productivity, you might choose high availability as a service (HAaaS), where your system is backed up with a transaction-based RPO and, in the event of a disaster, role-swapped seamlessly to a cloned environment until a scheduled restoration.

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