System i HAaaS (High Availability as a Service) Provided by Abacus Solutions

The System i HAaaS package offered by Abacus Solutions is a turnkey, IBM i-centered business continuity solution. By transferring critical RPO backups to a target environment that we build for you within the Abacus Cloud, our HAaaS option seeks to maximize the uptime of your production environment. Plus, in the event of a disaster where your production environment goes down, Abacus will role-swap you to your target environment that’s set up in the cloud so you can continue business as usual.

Benefits of choosing Abacus Solutions for System i HAaaS include:

  • Abacus-managed implementation
  • Start recovery in less than an hour
  • Recovery point objective as recent as your last transaction
  • SAN-based data storage and recovery
  • Best-practice data security
  • And more

At Abacus Solutions, we offer other options for business continuity as well. DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service), for example, is a solution that we offer for businesses that might not need the uptime provided by HAaaS, but still need to ensure that their data is recoverable. Of course, the qualified team here at Abacus Solutions is here to help you assess the continuity needs of your datacenter and help you choose the best service for your business.

In addition to business continuity, Abacus Solutions is proud to offer both IaaS and PaaS cloud hosting services. If you’re thinking about expanding your datacenter in the cloud or would like to delegate tedious OS management tasks, then our cloud hosting could very well be for you.

To learn more about System i HAaaS, DRaaS, cloud hosting, or any of the other services provided by Abacus Solutions, contact us today.