System i LPAR Hosting Services for Businesses Nationwide

If you’re interested in setting up a System i LPAR to easily scale up and supplement your IT infrastructure, turn to Abacus Solutions. We have developed a powerful cloud infrastructure using leading-edge technologies so that we can offer a variety of cloud options to suit a variety of computing needs, be it partitioning, full cloud hosting, hybrid cloud setup, or others. With IBM-certified specialists on staff experienced with System i products and more, we have a strong background of expertise that helps us ensure you get the most out of your cloud partition.

With a System i LPAR set up in our cloud, you’ll be able to enjoy the following great benefits:

  • Scalability to compensate for peaks and lulls in workload
  • Access to a team of cloud experts led by an experienced project leader to help determine exactly what you need from your partition and facilitate a seamless transfer to the cloud
  • Critical operations and networking support
  • Infrastructure support available Monday through Friday, 9am - 5pm, or 24/7/365, depending on cloud package

At Abacus Solutions, we not only offer cloud-based System i LPAR solutions and other cloud services, but also an enormous inventory of used and expertly refurbished IT equipment for upgrading, replacing, or scaling up your existing infrastructure. The experienced technicians in our Technology Center restore preowned hardware to like-new conditions, then rigorously test each piece of equipment for quality assurance. That way, we are able to sell hardware in top-performing condition for up to 90 percent off of OEM costs. We also proudly stand by the quality of our refurbishment process with a minimum 30-day warranty. You can even take advantage of our IT Asset Disposition program to sell your old, outdated, or unused equipment to subsidize the cost of hardware upgrades or cloud migration.

If you’d like more information on our System i LPAR cloud hosting services, contact us today and one of our knowledgeable representatives will be happy to assist you.