Robust System i Business Continuity Management Services from Abacus Solutions

If your System i datacenter needs business continuity management services, choose the IBM experts at Abacus Solutions. We have a range of disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) options, each with a unique recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) to meet the unique requirements of your IT environment and to fit your budget. When you choose Abacus, one of our highly experienced team members can help you determine which service will work best for your business.

Our business continuity packages include:

  • DRaaS
    • RTOs ranging from less than 48 hours to less than 12 hours
    • RPOs from most recently saved tape (customer- or vendor-provided) or from latest data replication from the Abacus i Cloud
    • Monthly or three-year contract
  • HAaaS
    • RTO of less than one hour
    • RPO of most recent transaction in the Abacus i Cloud
    • Role-swapping to target environment with a scheduled swap back to production after it’s brought back online
    • Three-year contract

In addition to our disaster recovery and high availability services, Abacus also offers two levels of infrastructure as a service (IaaS): entry and enterprise. Entry includes networking support during business hours and daily backups to our offsite datacenter. Enterprise provides 24/7 support, daily backups, and the option to include platform as a service (PaaS), in which Abacus will manage your operations so that your IT team is free to work on other projects.

For more information about how the System i business continuity management packages provided by the IT professionals at Abacus Solutions can help your business quickly recover from a disaster, contact us today.