System i High Availability Services and Other Business Continuity Solutions

The System i high availability services that we offer at Abacus Solutions are some of the most reliable and effective in the industry. That’s because we offer a turnkey high availability as a service (HAaaS) package that is powered by our robust infrastructure and managed by our highly trained, IBM-certified experts. Our goal is to ensure that your IT environment is able to be up and running as quickly as possible after any kind of system failure so that your company can be back to business as usual in no time.

When you choose Abacus Solutions for HAaaS, we will:

  • Install and implement our best-in-business IBM high availability software onto your premise, or “production,” hardware
  • Set up the software for transaction-by-transaction replication to our cloud-based “target” environment, ensuring an optimal recovery point objective (RPO)
  • Manage and monitor your replications to prevent any issues with synchronization, organization, redundancy, and more
  • Role-swap you to the target environment in the event of any downtime, be it planned or unexpected, with a recovery time objective (RTO) of less than an hour
  • Schedule an outage window to role-swap you back to your Production environment once it is back up and running

Our business continuity solutions don’t stop at HAaaS, though. For additional options to help your company recover from a system failure, we offer several disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) packages. These options range in RPO from last saved tape in a cold, tape-based recovery system to last data replication in a warm, cloud-based recovery system; and their RTOs range from recovery within 48 hours to recovery within just 12 hours. Plus, with contracts varying from monthly to three-year terms and different levels of pricing, our DRaaS packages have options to suit virtually any company’s needs and budget.

If you’d like additional information about our System i high availability services, contact Abacus Solutions today.