A System i Hybrid Cloud Can Improve the Versatility of Your IT Environment

If you run a System i environment, hybrid cloud computing can help you add more scalability and flexibility to your company’s datacenter. Whether you’re combining existing hardware in your IT infrastructure with cloud services or starting entirely from scratch, the right blend of onsite hardware and cloud hosting can significantly boost the capabilities of your computing environment. Finding the right equipment for your private network and the right public cloud hosting provider is important for making sure your datacenter’s computing needs are taken care of appropriately.

When setting up your hybrid cloud, you’ll want to make sure your onsite equipment is in top condition, whether you’re using current or legacy hardware. If you’re working with an existing infrastructure, it’s helpful to analyze your equipment and see if you need any replacement parts, especially if you’re working with legacy hardware. For the cloud-hosted portion of your datacenter, you’ll want to look into what your hosting provider has to offer, such as how often backups are performed, how secure their datacenters are, and how else they can help ease you into hybrid cloud computing.

Abacus Solutions can help with both top-notch hardware and powerful cloud services to grant you the most effective hybrid cloud possible. We offer an enormous inventory of used IT hardware that includes IBM equipment and parts from legacy and current models, all of which has been expertly refurbished in house to ensure top performance. Also, we will provide turnkey services for your transfer to our public cloud, which is hosted in our two robust and reliable datacenters. You’ll be able to enjoy assistance with data migration and VPN setup, infrastructure support, and even ongoing daily backups to our secure storage.

For more information on our System i hybrid cloud hosting services, contact Abacus Solutions today.