System i Platform as a Service Packages that Work for All Types of Businesses

If your business runs on System i, platform as a service could be right for you if you find that you have too many IT resources committed to managing your operating system. Abacus Solutions can help you free up those resources and shift to an operating cost with our platform as a service add-on to our Enterprise i Cloud hosting package. Not only does this give you access to the computing power of our robust and well-maintained datacenters, it also helps you shift the task of OS management off the shoulders of your IT staff, so they can work on projects that are more germane to the needs of your business.

Abacus Solutions is a full-service IT company, meaning that we can fulfill the computing needs of just about any business. When you partner with us and choose our Enterprise i Cloud package, we will:

  • Perform an audit of your company‚Äôs datacenter and recommend the cloud services that will be best suited to your needs
  • Assign you with a project manager who will spearhead the implementation of our cloud services, ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud
  • Provide you with round-the-clock network support from our IBM-certified network technicians
  • Perform daily offsite backups that can be tethered to additional disaster recovery and high availability services, ensuring optimal continuity for your business

If you decide that our cloud services could be complemented by an upgrade to your current hardware, we offer excellent prices on new and refurbished IT hardware from industry leading manufacturers, such as Sun/Oracle, HPE, NetApp, Cisco, and more. All of our refurbishing is done in house in order to keep quality high and prices low.

To learn more about our System i platform as a service packages, or our vast stock of refurbished hardware, contact Abacus Solutions today.